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Should I End My Relationship with this Person, Group, or Organization?

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Choosing to end a relationship is a often a very difficult and highly personal choice. It is often a choice that is made when one is completely at the end of your rope; you’ve tried everything and after everything has been said and done, this seems like the only option. I know what it is like to find yourself facing this particularly painful decision and whatever you choose, know that your decision is the best one for you. Making the best decision for you is the only way forward.

No one can tell you what is the right decision because no one has walked a day in your shoes, experienced what you have experienced, or walked the path that has led you to face what may be the end of a very important relationship.

However, there are those of us who can relate and who know what it’s like to feel completely torn about whether to stay or whether to sever the ties that bind us. Often, those ties were once ones that sustained us.

You have the freedom to choose and, in this lifetime, your choices determine whether you are able to live the life that you have been striving for or whether you continue to participate in the confusion and chaos that have become more and more prevalent within the interactions with this particular person, group, or organization. At one time, this relationship may have nurtured you. It may have brought you hope, inspiration, and food for your soul at a time when you desperately craved it. But lately, you’ve been noticing that the interactions bring you down and make you feel less than you had hoped to feel. It seems to be on your mind constantly, zapping your energy and making you question whether it is you or them.

Often, we attract people and entertain situations that are a match for us at one time in our lives but as we grow, change, and develop into the person we aspire to be, we find that we are no longer a vibrational match to the people and places of times past. There is no shame in this but it can definitely bring on feelings of guilt, shame, and betrayal because we find that we have outgrown the rules and rituals that have comprised the foundation of the interaction and the relationship. However, in order to keep growing, it is important to make room in our lives for those people, places, and things that can continue to foster our growth and in order to do that, sometimes it means saying farewell to people, places, and things that we used to love, still love, but no longer can tolerate because they are an affront to what you have come to stand for.

Staying and participating in relationships that are an insult to the integrity of your soul is akin to shrinking just to fit into the box that someone else has created for you. I want to encourage you to think outside the box. Be a circle or be a triangle; whatever shape you take, just be unapologetically you. This may mean that you are no longer liked, accepted, or applauded by those who used to emphatically accept you. This is okay because those are not your people. Your people will accept you whether you are close or distant; they will flow with you whether that means being together or apart. There are many paths that a river can flow in order to reach the ocean. Your people will meet you where you are at. They will be able to see you, accept you, and love you no matter what you do, where you go, or who you become.

Your people are waiting for you to make room in your life for them and you will attract them and entertain them because they will be able to offer relationships that help you shine.

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