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Holistic Psychotherapy

Online in the Comfort of Your Own Home 

About Alina

I graduated cum laude from UCLA earning a Bachelor’s degree, in English with a minor in African American Studies. I went on to earn a Master’s degree from Phillips Graduate Institute with a specialization in Community Mental Health. I have also pursued post-graduate training in hypnotherapy at the Hypnosis Motivation Institute. 

I began my clinical training in south Los Angeles with ethnically diverse individuals from low-income communities who were recovering from substance abuse and severe mental illness.


I went on to assist emotionally disturbed youths and their parents with navigating behavioral issues, trauma, and academic achievement. For three years, I provided counseling services at a rape crisis center assisting adolescents and adult women with healing from sexual assault trauma, sexual harassment, childhood sexual abuse, and other types of complex trauma. 


Through humor, mindfulness, and psychoeducation, I draw my clients' attention to their inherent intuitive abilities and this allows them to validate and discern the meaning of their internal and external experiences.


I use a Humanistic, Existential, and Client Centered approach while working through a Transpersonal lens. I also draw upon therapeutic tools from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Attachment Theory, Feminist, Buddhist, and Depth Psychology.​

Throughout my career, I've enjoyed serving intuitive lightworkers, shamanic star-seeds, LGBTQ+, polyamorous, and gender non-conforming individuals & couples. I often reference Human Design, Gene Keys, & Tarot as interventions to assist my clients with self-mastery. I provide books, articles, and videos to assist with diving deep into the most exciting and stimulating subject: you and your inner landscape. 

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