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Holistic Psychotherapy

Online in the Comfort of Your Own Home 

Holistic Psychotherapy

Holistic Psychotherapy reflects upon and integrates all parts of you. Your therapeutic healing journey is a multi-dimensional process and as a holistic therapist in a solo private practice, it is my privilege to be able to witness and hold space for your process.


Through heartfelt humor, empathy, active listening, mindfulness, direct feedback, and psychoeducation, I validate your feelings and draw your attention to your strengths. Capitalizing on your strengths will allow you to attune to your intuition and inherent knowing in order to evolve and thrive. 

By mindfully releasing resistance, you will dissolve internal and external blocks to resolving your traumas, repairing your relationships, feelings your feelings, and achieving your vision for your highest self-realization.

You will benefit by being able to access my awareness of the interpersonal application of interconnected universal principles which are found within the world around us. These principles can be found in philosophy, quantum physics, sound theory, biology, mathematics, and ancient spiritual wisdom traditions. Universal laws can be easily understood to allow you to build on the solid foundation of timeless universal truths.

Who do I help? 

What do I specialize in?

I specialize in serving highly sensitive individuals, couples, and families who often identify as therapeutic practitioners, healers, and intuitives. Empaths benefit from my ability to normalize and navigate issues around intuition, spiritual awakening, spiritual emergency, and emerging extrasensory perception in an affirming way. 

I gently guide adult women (and adult men) in processing codependency, adult sexual assault, childhood sexual abuse, and complex trauma by meeting them with kindness and trauma-informed care. I also help adult children of narcissistic parents (& narcissistic ex-partners) in resolving their attachment traumas in order to develop confidence and to lead more fulfilling relationships with their parents, themselves, and their romantic partners.

​I often assist couples with addressing triggers, miscommunication, attachment trauma, unmet needs, emotional reactivity, stonewalling, infidelity, and relational conflict in order to co-create the relationship that you are dreaming of. I also assist with transitions including uncoupling and divorce.

Many of my clients are BIPOC, LGBTQ+gender non-binary individuals, couples, and throuples. I have experience in assisting them with issues related to queer identity, gender non-conformity, trans-masculinity, trans-femininity, consensual non-monogamypolyamory, BDSM, kink, and sex work. 

I am open to working with you even if who do not identify with any of these categories if you feel that I can be of assistance.


If you are ready to give voice to your thoughts and feelings in order to co-create greater depths of ease, communication, understanding, compassion, and intuitive expansion to facilitate the achievement of your personal, professional, and relational goals, I am here for you.

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